northanger abbey

It is quite a challenge writing about a mellow charming booksuch as northanger abbey, while listening to rage against the machine..and yet, i neither want to stop listening nor leave the post unfinished..


northanger abbey, jane austen’s sixth novel and the odd one out amongst her works,  is the story of a sheltered, ignorant girl, Catherine Morland, with the seeds of a heroine in her, who views the big bad world through rose colored spectacles in her first visit to Bath.

She befriends the flagrantly shallow and affected Isabella Thorpe and her dull, heavy and haughty brother John, without having a show of notion of their real characters.  She also meets the delightful Henry Tilney and falls for him pretty rapidly.

The novel is a satire on the sensational romances of the time, equivalent in tone and reputation to the Mills and Boons of our times.

Catherine and Isabella devour Mrs Radcliffe’s works, which are filled from cover to cover in details of gory duels, swooning ladies, tombstones and eerie castles with secret passageways.

During her weeks in Bath, Catherine becomes more and more enamoured of Henry, as well as Mrs Radcliffe.

She is invited to the Tilney’s home, Northanger Abbey, whe is thrilled by the double pleasure of being near Henry and being in an actual Abbey, she accepts eagerly. The blooming of her realtionship with Henry and her sudden fall from grace in the eyes of his father, forms the rest of the book. All ends well, else could a book by Jane Austen end?

A charming read on the whole..with delicious passages of Isabella’s hypocrisy and Tilney’s light hearted persiflage.


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