Food for the soul..

This post is just to increase the count 🙂 There is something satisfying about blogging more than once a week. Makes it less a sunday-activity and more a part of my life. The below are my top-5 favorite reads for the soul..all of them inspire thought and most are paradigm-shifters.

1. The road less traveled– I think this book ought to be introduced as course material in every school. A wonderful and pragmatic guide to life..

2. The Celestine prophecy – A spiritual thriller and page-turner..

3. You can heal your life – A must-read, along with the road less traveled..

4. The Dilbert future –  the book is classic zany Scott Adams till the last but one chapter.. and then he stops abusing management and explains how positive affirmations worked for him, and also proposes an amusing alternative explanation to gravity.

5. Autobiography of a Yogi -The book that changed the course of my life.


One thought on “Food for the soul..

  1. I have read this book too. But how did it change your life ?. I know it is a personal question, but are talking about practicing the principles it talks about, or did it give a completely new outlook towards life. I would be happy if you can share some of your insights.

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