“Cat hoovering (also Cat vacuuming) – 1. any excuse to avoid writing, even vacuuming the cat; 2. A pointless exercise used to avoid real work.

Earlier this sunday morning, I was feeling purposeful and enthusiastic and  full of resolve to write a goodly sized post. Two hours and one lunch later, I ambled to the desktop, opened orkut, closed orkut, opened my blog dashboard and waited for my muse to pay a visit. Having decided that I should be reading about writing, if not actually writing, I read this – a very useful guide for teenagers/anybody starting to write. The guy who wrote it, John Scalzi, is a well-known author of sci-fi with funk titles like ‘the sagan diary’ and ‘the android’s dream’ to his name..besides being a humor columnist, a consistent blogger since ’98, and a host of other things ( got bored midway through the bio-check).

He talks about the sucky writing phase that every budding author goes through before producing tolerably good reading material. Without being holier-than-thou about it, he dispenses realistic advice and observations on teenage writing ( though I think it applies to any new writing).

Coming to the point, cat vacuuming is a funny word that I picked up today from his post on writing. It means ‘ any activity you do to avoid actual writing, the kind you aspire to’.  What I would like to do is write imaginative stories. Over the years, I have assiduously been putting off writing stories. Ten years back, it was writing mundane accounts of my day, what I did, whom I spoke to, etc, trying to force a few fancy phrases and a sprinkling of what I thought was humor. Then it was poetry, simply because it was easier to string together rhyming words, than it was to think of a plot for a story and write it. Then, the ongoing efforts to atleast blog consistently. And this morning, catvacuuming in its  most abject form..reading other blogs, instead of writing in my own.

However, reading John Scalzi’s post brought me back here.

And I’ve written my piece and can now log off in peace.. ( I would have shamelessly called this poetry, ten, even eight years ago).
Now, to tackle the other stuff I have been putting off..


4 thoughts on “catvacuuming

  1. hmmm…cat vacuuming..sis, we both r probably vacuuming the same cat! 😉 let alone writing..i’ve an excuse for practically avoidin doin everything tat by now there surely can be no cat tats not clean anywhere in the world! 😀
    very well written..the subtle humor’s yum! 😀

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