Registered for the creative writing course that Ive meant to take since I was 18! At 18, I wrongly interpreted the eligibility criteria and thought I had to wait till I was 20. At 20, it was still on my mind and I paid a couple of fruitless visits to what I thought was the regional IGNOU centre ( It was actually the study centre for a different course). Now, Im going on 24, and I finally have the material in my hands. The prospect of an exam, though hardly likely to have me scrambling to perfect my writing, will probably get me in the habit of writing on varied topics..the writing exercises in the first booklet consist of inane questions like ‘ why did mankind start writing’ and ‘why is it necessary to get feedback on ur work’..If I could manage to read my answers and not fall asleep over the first time of reading, then that’d be something..I hope there is a noticeable difference, and that it shows in this blog.


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