The ill-formed excuse for my writer’s block

Writing is not a very easy proposition for those who like to keep their souls closed..I think it is impossible to write and yet remain shrouded put down words that took form in your mind, and still keep a veil between the reader and you.  its a job for the spiritually brave. the ones who are not afraid of censure or brickbats or being labeled. No matter what genre a book falls into, whether it be a novel of principles, like the books ayn rand wrote, or more frivolous and less preachy writing, the prejudices of the author tend to find voice in their books.

Even Agatha Christie, who could have written about the criminal mind and human nature with comparative ease without having to bring her values  into her books, time and again revealed her very british disdain for foreigners through her various characters.  and that is the one consistent undercurrent in her books, trivial though it is, that i dislike, as im sure other ‘foreigners’ do too.

There’s L.M Montgomery, one of my favorite writers of all time. Her books are sunshiny, uplifting, humorous, humane, clever, wholesome.. (I could go on, but apparently three is the upper limit of adjectives to use in a sentence, by good writing standards, and I’ve already overshot it)
And even she makes a statement in one of her books that is gratingly racist, a statement that spoilt the entire book for me.

Closer home, there’s Chetan Bhagat, who by all accounts, has taken a dig at South Indians in his latest ‘Two states’.. Sure, he apologizes in advance in the Foreword, but even his attempt at a light-hearted apology is condescending.

To one like me, still not entirely unafraid of being judged, words come very reluctantly..




One thought on “The ill-formed excuse for my writer’s block

  1. I agree with you when you say that ‘it is impossible to write and yet remain shrouded’. For a writer, it is difficult to not to communicate. Go on blogging, and share your views with the whole world.

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