Pride and prejudice – the groundbreaking review ;)

Of course Pride and Prejudice is discussed too much.. there are a zillion reviews, movies,  parodies and even gory spin-offs (‘pride and prejudice and zombies’..the word around the circuit is that its quite good).  But I still feel compelled to add to the sum-total of PnP reviews ( mostly because I cannot think of anything else to write about).

Pride and prejudice is the classic for those who don’t like classics ( I stole this line from Stephanie Meyer, who said about her book ‘ The Host’ that it is  science fiction for people who don’t like science fiction. ‘The Host’ is a great story, by the way..the characters stay with you long after you have read the book. Even the harshest critics of her Twilight series have a kind word for ‘The Host’. )

Here is why I think PnP is an absolute must-read. First of all, its beautifully written. The book is a perfectly-composed symphony of words. It is chock-full of snappy sentences that few would be able to think of  ( I mean I would not be able to think of..sigh) and none would forget . Unlike her ‘Emma’, where Jane Austen has let one of her characters speak far too much for her own good , this book is tightly written, with every sentence adding value to the story.

The second reason has to be the elusive Mr Darcy. Jane Austen is very reticent on the subject of Darcy’s character, simply stating that he was haughty-though-noble at the start of the book, and humbled and in love, by the end of it. In spite of his relative obscurity,  he remains the ideal story-book hero for thousands of girls around the world. Perhaps, what appeals to us girls is that he was reformed and thoroughly at that, by the woman he loved, without her even having to try. And after he was reformed, he was simply perfect in every way 🙂

If you’re still reading this post, and you’re not a reader of classics, I thank you 🙂 Do read ‘Pride and Prejudice’! Jane Austen’s books have endured two centuries and are still in our bookshops..that has to be the highest testimonial to any book. This could very well be the book that gets you initiated into the wonderful world of classics.


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