A revival

Many times over the past month have I logged into wordpress..started to write a post, and left it hanging, barely a few sentences long, conveying nothing but the strained effort that went into writing them.  As the days passed by, the sight of those poor, bedraggled drafts was disheartening enough to send me scurrying out of wordpress right after I had signed in. So, today I did the sensible thing.. deleted all the drafts and decided to pretend that there had been no hiccups in my writing. To anybody who is visiting this blog still – a hearty thanks for not having given it up as dead.

November was a crazy, exasperating, hectic month for some – those people around the world who participated in Nanowrimo ( read previous post).  Well, not the ones like me who signed up and wrote only a paragraph instead of a novel..but the serious contenders.  They must have had their private moments of bliss on November 30th.  I, on the other hand, felt a deep kindred sympathy for all those like me, who could not only finish, but also couldnt get started..Those of us, who are trying to shake off years of accumulated laziness and a disinclination to do anything in the shape of hard work..In this world full of flourishing, regularly-updated blogs with sky-rocketing site visits, I find solace in thinking that there are other people like me who are still taking baby-steps, well past their first few months of blogging.

I’d have liked to finish this post on an optimistic note, like those essays I used to write as a school-kid , where all the world’s problems could be solved simply by ” joining hands and working together for the common good”..But it will not twist itself into something happy.  I guess the only good thing about this grouse of a post, is that its broken the month-long lull.. and hopefully, the next interruption wont be for another six months!


3 thoughts on “A revival

  1. >>where all the world’s problems could be solved simply by ” joining hands and working together for the common good”
    lol. awesome. i remember ending many, many essays like that 😀

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