His Dark Materials

One month back this time, I was reeling under the brilliance of Philip Pullman’s trilogy, His Dark Materials. Having recovered slightly, I felt I was ready to write an objective review of the series.

If you like fantasy and swear by the good ol’ Lord of the Rings, Narnia and Harry Potter, this series is definitely one you should not miss. It is more of a science-fictiony fantasy as compared to H.P.. H.P tantalized us through some books with the ‘strongest force in the universe’ theory and anticlimactically concluded that it was love (Which it is, probably, but the story-line didn’t have much to do with that theory).

On the contrary, His Dark Materials weaves Dark Matter, alternate universes and theology convincingly into the time-tested tale of a young boy and girl who set out on an adventure. There are the mandatory faithful friends – people, talking animals and weird- creatures-from-other-worlds to boot. Besides, there are references to energy creation, evolution, the Church and atheism. In fact, more than just a reference to the last – atheism is the underlying theme of the book.

This series should be read for the sheer variety of concepts presented, the taut and expressive writing, the ensemble of fleshed-out characters, and the bitter-sweet feeling at the end of it. In my opinion, one of the best series in this genre,  always keeping in mind that Lord of the Rings surpasses all the rest.


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