For the impulsive and remorseless book-collector that I am, the process of getting Hilary Mantel’s ‘Wolfhall’ in my bookshelf was uncharacteristically drawn-out.  I read many reviews about it, all of which described the book as an excellent read, but let it languish in my to-buy list for a long while..  I even walked away from the book at Odyssey because I wasn’t used to spending that much on one book. I finally bought it after a year’s worth of deliberation.  It took me another six months to start on it.  This is the first man-booker prize winning book ( or any award winning book  except in the children’s book category)  that i’ve read. Loved it!!

Mantel’s  style of writing takes some getting used to..but once you ease into it, it is well worth the trouble.  This book got me feverishly clicking links in wikipedia.. i felt like i HAD to know all about Thomas Cromwell. The author tantalizes her readers by saying just short of enough about Cromwell..And a mysterious character is always romantic, no exceptions!  The much less flattering depiction of Cromwell on most other sites on the net left me disappointed, but not for long. I told myself he was an almost universally misunderstood man..and of course that immediately upped the romantic appeal 🙂  There are a lot of better-informed reviews of Wolfhall out there. You would probably be hard pressed to find one as bereft of facts and analysis as this one.  But, history buffs out there who are reading my blog  ( or will be, once I have the number of readers that it takes to make the presence of a history buff statistically likely ), do not miss reading this book!!


One thought on “Wolfhall

  1. I keep picking this up and reading fifty pages and then putting it down for a month, and repeat. Only because it seems so daunting and I can’t get gripped in.

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